As I'm sure you're aware,today is Wednesday.It's also happens to be the kick-off day of New York 威廉希尔备用网址fashion week,which means we had to make this week's Reader Appreciation Day extra 威廉希尔备用网址fashion-y.How does a free YSL bag sound to you?

Pretty good right?Well,word on the street (and by "street" I mean an official email from YSL head honchos) says that on Saturday September 12th,a small army of YSL-clad folks will be giving away a YSL tote bag to the first 2,000 passerby in New York,Paris,Milan,London,Tokyo,Hong Kong and Seoul.Tucked in each tote will be a copy of the YSL "Manifesto," which is 威廉希尔备用网址fashion-speak for a cool,magazine-like printout of this season's Yves Saint Laurent ads.It's the fifth time the house has distributed the 威廉希尔备用网址fashion loot,and this time around the glossy images feature the one-and-only Christy Turlington.Swoon!

If you're in NYC on Saturday,I suggest camping out near the Bryant Park tents,as I saw a YSL swat team unloading bags from a black unmarked van this time last year.Not in NYC?Worry not.You can stillzhooshup your day bywatching the making-of-the *Manifesto *,signing up tofollow YSL on Twitteror becoming a fan of the storied French houseon Facebook.

And while we're on the topic of Facebook,you know what other 威廉希尔备用网址fashion-y faces are on there?StyleCaster,Alexander Wang,Helmut Lang,Jenni Kayne,andPhillip Lim.Don't have any of 'em hanging in your closet?Who cares?!They'll dress up your FB page in no time.


Do you already have 威廉希尔备用网址fashion labels or designers on your FB page?(Um,wouldyou wanna add us?We heart you guys!) __

One last RAD announcement: You could win $50,000 justfor registering or logging into!For real!