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皇室婚礼:威廉王子和凯特•米德尔顿re Inviting Exes to Their Wedding!Will You?!

The royal wedding invitations are in the mail—and both Prince William and Kate Middleton have exes on the guest list!

Theroyal wedding invitationsare in the mail—and bothPrince WilliamandKate Middletonhave exes on the guest list!

Wills and Kate paid a visit to St.Andrews on Friday. "Kate Middleton's ex-boyfriend, Rupert Finch, and William's first love, Jecca Craig, are both on the list. William's exes are his very, very close friends,' Katie Nicholl of theDaily Mailsaid.Kate is very comfortable around these girls.She doesn't have a problem with them.'"

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It's great that Wills and Kate are friends with their exes, but I totally get it when a bride (or groom)doesn'twant exes at the wedding.

Rory wanted to invite three of his exes to our wedding.I knocked it down to two—I hadn't even met one of them!—and only one wound up coming.

Are you inviting any of your exes to your wedding?Is your groom?

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