Brides are notorious control freaks,and many have been known to dictate every bridesmaid style detail,from hair to shoes.This particular bridesmaid was ready for a new do just before her friend's wedding rolled around--and you will not believe what this bride-to-be told her friend after the cut.

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"I grew out my usually short hair for my wedding this past spring because I wanted to wear it down for a romantic look.I didn't specify how I wanted my bridesmaids to do their hair.Frankly,as long as they didn't show up with electric-blue Mohawks,I didn't care what their hair looked like.A week before my wedding,my friend,who was getting married a month after me,sent out an e-mail to me and the rest of her bridesmaids about how she wanted us to get our hair done--in low,side buns.

I had been planning to chop my hair off right after my wedding because it's easier than long hair to manage on hot summer days.So I disregarded my friend's e-mail (I was a little busy tying up loose ends for my own wedding!),and went through with my cut plans when I got back from my honeymoon.

I debuted my do at my friend's shower.She took me aside toward the end of the party and told me she hoped I planned to buy extensions so I could do the wedding bun style she e-mailed about.I told her I couldn't afford them (again,I just blew all my cash on my own wedding!),and she told me that I may as well return my bridesmaid dress and order the groomsman tux because my new haircut was "more guy than girl." She's never really had a filter for her thoughts,so her off-color comment wasn't that surprising to me,but I was still pissed with a capital P.

She later e-mailed me an apology,but explained that she was annoyed that I wore my hair flowy and feminine for my wedding and wouldn't do the same for her wedding.I told her my decision to cut my hair wasn't about her,and if she wanted to pay for me to get my hair done the way she wanted,then I'd happily do it.She dropped the subject after that.

Everything went fine at her wedding--I wasn't even the only bridesmaid whose hair was too short to do the do!"


Would you ever abandon your haircut plans to please a bride?Do you think brides should be able to ask their bridesmaids to do their hair a certain way?What would you have done if a bride dissed your do when you were a bridesmaid?I might have backed out of the wedding if she was going to be so cruel!

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