Types: most of us have them.It's normal to have a certain "look" or personality trait you're most attracted to,but is it better for us to break outside the guy-mold once in a while?


OK,so the whole thing aboutpheromonesmight not have as much to do with ourdatingselections as we previously thought.Still,if smells don't have all that much to do with it (apart from Polo Black,which is basically a mating call in liquid form) it sure seems that "types" do.Over and over,many of us are drawn to very similar kinds of guys.Is it a good thing,or are our types out to get us?

Generally speaking,I'm drawn more to guys with dark hair than light hair.Plenty of blond guys are cute (you knowmy feelings on Ryan Gosling),but in a proverbial sea of men,they're not the ones that I swim toward first.Actually I'm more like a sea anemone in this scenario,wavering back and forth and nervously eating any snacks that float by.But,um,anyway...

I have a friend who's into guys that look like they walked off the set ofJersey Shore.I have another who's mainly into sweet-talking and emotionally unavailable hippies.I personally seem to have a "reformed bad boy" (with dark hair) problem.It's not that there's anything inherently wrong with any of these types of guys,but guess how often they've worked out for my friends and me so far?Zero percent of the time.

Of course,that's not a statistical study.The girls and I are still out there,collecting data.When we've finished dating every last available guy in each of our preferred types,I'll report back with the results.It could be a while.

What do you think?Do you have a type,and has it worked out well for you?Do you think it's important to try to date outside the box?

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