For most of this spring,I lived with a dark secret—I was watching Bravo'sSouthern Charm,and I had dragged my husband down with me.

Why was I so ashamed of the habit?In the wide world of reality-show craziness,Southern Charmis a blimp-size WTF.So much about it makes infuriatingly little sense,including but not limited to:

The insanely wide age range.There's a 21-year-old girl on the show and a 51-year-old man who is,I believe,the oldest person to appear on the network without being attached to a Real Housewife.Naturally,they're the ones hooking up.Everyone else falls somewhere between them age-wise.Is there a people shortage in Charleston that prevents these jokers from assembling a full clique within their own generation?

There is a character named Shep who is not a dog.I didn't like when I met a springer spaniel named Megan,and I don't like meeting a man named Shep.

Everyone is pretty proud of not having a job.What?This is Bravo,Southerners.You're supposed to rush around your house pretending you have a really important job.Like,let us witness a few staged conference calls,at least.

No one ever talks about how the girl named Cameran is Cameran fromThe Real World.I will let this slide,since,as you will soon agree,she is the best person on the show.

A man named Whitney and his mother.Whitney lives with his mother,who resembles a beautiful barracuda polished to a high sheen and who routinely rings for a (potentially fake or part-time-for-the-cameras) butler,asking for her "medicine" (booze).Whitney,meanwhile,always has at least one person over when he gets dressed.Often it's a man who looks like Woody Harrelson after a run in the '80s (you'll understand when you see his tee and shorts).The whole thing is veryPsychomeets...a slightly more 威廉希尔备用网址fashiony version ofPsycho.

And yet—and yet!—this show is curiously watchable.I planned on keeping my dutiful DVR loyalty a secret until some of my friends also confessedtheyloveSouthern Charm.That convinced me—you guys should double back and give it a look.It's perfect for mindless,lazy couch Saturdays,and you can watch onAmazon Instant Videoor via your cable provider.Tweet me and let me know what you think,so we can be in this together.