What Happens After You Win on Shark Tank

Ever binged on a few episodes of Shark Tank and wondered what it's like being an entrepreneur going through the experience?很容易就可以绘制出品牌邮箱的情况(见这里和这里)。但感觉如何?与姐妹Ashley Jung和Paige Dellavalle有关的魅力,the team behind jewelry brand Stella Valle,to see what they've learned about business and life ever since swimming with the big fish.阿什利和佩奇的魅力:你进入鲨鱼缸的想法是什么?佩奇·德拉瓦勒:当我们申请参加演出时,我们在公司工作了两年半。我们不仅考虑了风险敞口和获得货币援助,but that whoever we were going to partner with would be kind of a mentor to us.Someone to make sure we were growing the company the right way.Ashley Jung:鲨鱼有那么多的企业家,他们投资于,他们有自己的生意。我们很现实地理解了他们给我们的时间承诺。在节目中,we told them,“我们不需要你帮助我们做日常决策,因为我们知道如何运行

曾经在几集Shark Tank想知道作为一个经历过这种经历的企业家是什么感觉?很容易就可以描绘出品牌的后箱会发生什么(参见herehere),but what does it感觉like?魅力与姐妹Ashley Jung和Paige Dellavalle有联系,珠宝品牌背后的团队Stella Valle,to see what they've learned about business and life ever since swimming with the big fish.

Ashley and Paige

Glamour:What was your mind-set going intoShark Tank

佩奇·德拉瓦勒:When we applied to be on the show we were two and a half years into our company.我们不仅考虑了风险敞口和获得货币援助,but that whoever we were going to partner with would be kind of a mentor to us.Someone to make sure we were growing the company the right way.

Ashley Jung:鲨鱼有这么多的企业家,他们投资,他们有自己的生意。我们很现实地理解了他们给我们的时间承诺。在节目中,we told them,"We don't need you to help us make day-to-day decisions because we know how to run our business.We are savvy business people." I think they look for entrepreneurs who can tell them that because they don't have time to run other people's businesses.我们期待他们的战略,advice,and guidance,但在日常生活中,佩奇和我做了所有的决定。

Glamour:What are your interactions with Mark and Lori like now?

AJ:We do a lot of business with Lori on QVC and she helps guide us in the pieces we should sell on there and the pricing.Last year we were on 12 times and every time we presented a product,我们看到她是因为她会和我们中的一个继续。当我们在那里的时候,我们会和她见面的,talk about the business,告诉她最新情况。

马克可能比洛里还要忙。从节目开始我们见过他一次,得到了一些建议,谈论我们的产品线和品牌。We work with his team more regularly [than him specifically].He has an accountant who does all of our bookkeeping and a business development manager that helps with all of his portfolio.他为零售商提供了不同的联系方式。


PD:After the show,人们认为一夜之间你只是一个成功,但真的,这是一个开始。人们认为[鲨鱼]为你打开大门,结束交易,但这仍然需要大量的工作。

没有平衡。If you're an entrepreneur it's really difficult having a work-life balance.It's 98 percent work and 2 percent regular life stuff—Ashley and I work 18-hour days on the regular.Part of that is that we're growing at a very fast pace,在保持良好的现金流的同时,我们很难跟上所有的机会。就我们的生活方式而言,这真的是一场杂耍。

Stella Valle for Target pieces,available August 4

Glamour:艾希礼,how do you manage this work pace with having a one-year-old daughter?

AJ:我一年来一直在想办法。早上我和女儿起床,get her ready for the day and give her a bottle.一个保姆八点半或八点半来,我就开始工作了。She leaves at 5,我试着在5到8之间封锁。我不检查我的电话或电子邮件-我花时间与我的丈夫和女儿。我们去跑步或公园,we have dinner together,we give her a bath.她8点上床睡觉,那是我回到电脑上做我今天要做的任何事情的时候。我通常从8点工作到10点或11点。


Even though you do work a ton,这是你喜欢做的事。We're following our dream and our passion.It's really hard to find a balance,but if this is what you love,you'll continue to chase your dreams and go after your goals.

__Glamour:Even though your success is clearly a dream come true,你曾经有过这样的感觉吗?“这糟透了。This is really hard." __


Glamour:你必须投资哪些项目,money-wise,early on?

PD:我们最初是在父母家外做手术的,但后来我们开始接管它,so they built us a two-car garage on their property.最终,我们的发展超过了这个,所以我们决定我们真的需要一个仓库空间。We were nervous to add overhead,but now it was totally one of the best investments we've made.每次我们成长的时候,我们都会小心地把开销控制在较低的水平上,因为这会很快累积起来。When we travel we don't stay in extravagant hotels.We try to be conscious about what we're spending on a regular basis.

AJ:我们刚开始的时候我设计了我们的网站,但在第一年内,我们知道我们需要有一个专业的创造,因为你的品牌形象和销售大部分来自电子商务。We spent the money and invested in a really nice website before we went onShark Tank.[Editor's note: Stella Valle taped its season four episode in July 2012 but it didn't air until May 2013,给他们时间准备网站流量和订单。]

Stella Valle耳环,$295


PD:Our parents made sure that when we started the company we were sisters first and business partners second.家庭之间不应该有任何商业决定。当你和某人做生意时,你必须完全信任他们。艾希礼是我妹妹,所以我不用担心。我们总是把彼此的最大利益放在心上,and sometimes we take better care of each other than we do ourselves.

AJ:Mark and Lori told us that nothing really comes easy.Anything that seems like it happened over night probably hasn't.Someone's been working on it for a really long time,which is encouragement for anyone starting a business.Don't expect it to be a $50 million company in a year.可能不会发生,but with a lot of hard work,锲而不舍,and persistence,你最终会到达那里。


AJ:Really think about your idea,research it,and network.与业内人士交谈。Something I wish we'd spent a little more time doing was thinking about what our brand aesthetic was and having everything follow with that message.

PD:Take risks,但经过计算的风险。We think through every single thing we do,即使买电脑这么简单。这不是真正的风险,但你得问,"Is that computer going to be right for us in a week?Are we going to want the larger one?" You have to be a little risky to grow,但也必须在你的决定中进行真正的计算。Don't take on more than you can handle or "no" as an answer.There are always problems and issues that come up,but you just have to be a problem-solver and figure it out.

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