Taylor Swift's Curly Hair Is Back and Cuter Than Ever

Without a doubt,Taylor Swift's style has been transforming over the last few months.We witnessed her ditch herusual blond hair for a bright platinum shadeearlier this spring.Then she traded in that classic red lip thing that she liked for makeup we never thought she'd touch (i.e.,heavy contouringanddark lipstick).But then something happened,the breakupa new relationship.现在它看起来像经典茶回来了。

She's said before that her style goes in two-year stages based on where she's at in life (think: her retro phase,her matching-set and Karlie-cut phase,etc.),but let's examine the evidence.

Her most recent shift started when shedyed her hairback to her regular dirty blond shade in June.Notice the accompanying red lip?


And now,as evidenced by this fan photo taken with the singer over the weekend in the Hamptons (presumably after herawesome duet with Nelly),she's bringing back her curly hair á la 2008.

We've always loved Swift's ringlets,but now paired with a shorter cut,they feel much more grown-up;more "22" than "Fifteen" if you know what we mean.And to crush any notion that short hair isn't versatile—well,Swift has proven that wrong once before too:Remember her beachy waves at the iHeart Radio Awards?So it's safe to say her new curly vibe is making us want to chop off all our hair right now.That,and the fact thatair-dryingmust be way easier now.

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