As I sit on the sidelines here at the end of my pregnancy,I'll allow myself to justthinkabout running (oh how I miss it!).If you're a running,or just interested in starting up this New Year,here are two valuable tips for you--things you may not have heard before about how to run with the best form to keep your body healthy and injury free ...

Kristen fromFitSugarhad a fascinating post recently about two important things most of us get wrong when running (me included):

1.Look at the ground 10-15 feet in front of you."This keeps your head up and shoulders back,improving your posture and opening up your lungs for maximum efficiency."

2.Push off of your second toe."My IT band problem started because instead of kicking my feet straight behind me during a run,I kicked them out to the side;a common novice runner mistake.By focusing on pushing off of the toe next to your big toe,you'll straighten out your stride and build the proper muscles necessary to sustain long (and healthy!) runs."

Are you running the right way?Newbie runners--or just those that are interested in trying--do you have big running goals for the New Year?

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