Everyone is on tenterhooks awaiting tonight's Palin-Biden debate.But this isn't the first time a male and a female vice presidential debate faced off.Fourteen years ago,Geraldine Ferraro and George H.W.Bush debated in the context of that year's presidential race.This morning they went on the "Today" show todiscuss their experienceand give some advice to the current candidates.After the jump,an excerpt of the original debate.

The most famous moment of the debate was when Ferraro accused Bush of condescending towards her on foreign policy.

Rewatching the clip this morning,Bush acknowledged that Ferraro "got off a good line," though Ferraro noted that the quip became a distraction,saying,"You know,I was very substantive,and nobody looked at that." (You can watch the entire "Today" show interviewhere.)

Of course,the Bush-Reagan ticket went on to win reelection,winning 49 of the 50 states,and Bush later became the 41nd President of the United States.(The Democratic ticket carried only Walter Mondale's home state of Minnesota.) Geraldine Ferraro is an attorney and still active in Democratic politics.

Are you excited for tonight?Do you plan to watch in a big group,or is it just you and the remote?