You've already seenJersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's "shirt before the shirt"(and um,apparentlyyou can buy one of your own,too...),but soon his shirtafterthe shirt will be one he created himself.Yep,he is "designing" a clothing line,and we've got a sneak peek after the jump.

The Situation took tohis Facbeook pageto reveal one of the designs he created with a company called DILLIGAF (the incredibly classy acronym for "Do I Look Like I Give A F***?"),which will be available soon.Here's what he had to say in the photo's caption:

check out a SNEAK PREVIEW of my SOON TO BE RELEASED,HOT TO DEATH,SITUATION DILLIGAF TANK TOP on my dawgg Jonny Manfre,better known as Jonny "the Unit" - find it in the near future,as well as my whole line on my soon to be dropped website on well as in cool stores across the world - #GTL - #situationnation

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It looks a hell of a lot like everything we've ever seen The Situation (and Pauly D,Vinny,and Ronnie) wear when they beat the beat and smush and engage in some GTL--the same kind of uber chav-y graphic Tsthat have been banned at some clubsfor looking tooJersey Shore-like--but hey,it offers a lot more coverage thanco-star JWoww's clothing line!

Should this bethe final nail in the coffin of celebrity clothing lines,or does The Situation having his own collection mean we're just getting started?Discuss!


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Photo: viaThe Situation on Facebook