I was super excited overJulyandAugust's Nail Polish Picks of the Monthbecause I'm* all *about bright hues for the summertime.I've always thought of dark nail polish as a strictly fall/winter season thing.(Maybe because the darker months make me feel a little more moody,who knows!?) But these three cute Hollywood ladies are out to prove me wrong:

Last summer,we saw a few celeb beauties trying to make the dark nail look work bypairing them with bright clothing.Emma Roberts tries to rekindle the dark/bright contrast with black nails paired next to her neon green dress:

On the other hand,it looks like Kim Kardashian didn't have any second thoughts about matching her dark-as-night-nails to her black dress:

Nor did Ashley Benson (who you may know from "Pretty Little Liars") with her matching black clutch:


The one thing I do like about black fingertips,is that just like a fabulous LBD,black can matcheverything.With my more tropical nail colors that I'm more drawn to for the summertime,sometimes I find myself even revolving my outfits around my nails so it wouldn't clash!Black nail lacquer could,in my case,give me one less thing to worry about when getting ready in the morning.

__Do you,too,take the dark nail polish route in the summertime?Or do you reserve them for the winter like I do?Perhaps you're over the black nails fad,but still enjoy deeper shades (Plum?Forrest Green?)?__

Click through to see other examples of dark nails during summertime onDemi MooreandMichelle Trachtenbergfrom last year!

Photos: Getty