In case you couldn't tell from ourMadonna worshipping momentsorscrunchie-sighting meltdowns,we're pop culture-obsessed children of the '80s here at STF.While return of '80s and '90s styles is nothing new,the latest crop of old school-feeling trends--everything fromBalenciaga'sDynasty dressesto Urban Outfitter's racks ofBreakfast Club-worthy duds--has given us a hardcore case of nostalgia.Curious to find out if we were the only ones who felt this way,we tracked down some of the era's icons and ask them about the trends they made famous--and what they think about their signature styles being back in heavy rotation again.The results are--to use theJem-ism--Truly Outrageous.

New York 威廉希尔备用网址Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow and to help make the semi-annual event even more interesting (as ifnip slips,model tumblesandPosh cameosweren't enough),we'll be unveiling one new Truly Outrageous interview everyday here on Slaves to 威廉希尔备用网址Fashion.While we can't name names (because that'd be almost as bad as spoilingthe plotline ofSATC2) trust us when we say you're going to,like,totally spaz.

UNSPECIFIED - JANUARY 01: (AUSTRALIA OUT) Photo of BANGLES (Photo by GAB Archive/Redferns)


The Bangles,circa 1980.

To start things off,meet Susanna Hoffs and sisters Vicki and Debbi Peterson,otherwise known asThe Bangles.Their '80s hits--includingManic MondayandWalk Like an Egyptian--provided the go-to soundtrack for sleepovers,mix tapes (yes,tapes) and karaoke performances everywhere.Plus,they raised the bar for 威廉希尔备用网址fashiony girl bands,with their heavily hair sprayed 'dos,lace body-con dresses,boxy blazers and of course,their namesake accessories.To this day,we can barely resist belting outSix o'clock already / I was just in the middle of a dream / I was kissin' Valentino / By a crystal blue Italian stream...every time we slide on a stack of oversize bracelets.(Which,considering fall's accessory trends,might be happening a lot in the next few months...)

Without further ado,we give youThe Bangleson vintage style,their hairstyle evolution and the trouble with wearing chunky bracelets on stage:

Lanvin Paris 威廉希尔备用网址Fashion Week.Fall 2009 Collections.

Copyright Mark Leibowitz

An armful of bangles at Lanvin's fall show.

STF: I'm sure you've gotten asked this question for years,but how did you come to decide on the name "The Bangles?"

__VICKI:__We'd been performing as the Bangs and on the eve of the release of our first EP,a New Jersey band contacted us,claiming the name and demanding $40,000.00 for its use.We headed over to a Mexican restaurant and started brainstorming on new names and decided to add the two letters that turned us into the Bangles.It seemed feminine and fun,stylish but substantial.

STF: Did you ever incorporate said accessory into your performance outfits?__DEBBI:__Personally,because I drum,I tend not to wear them live.

SUSANNA:I tended to only wear them for photo sessions,because it's hard to play guitar when you've got bangle bracelets on your arms!

VICKI:I still wear bangle bracelets onstage,but only the left arm,since they'd smash against the guitar if I wore them on the right.I think it was Cyndi Lauper who encouraged me to wear them by the dozens in the 80s…

STF: I lovethe photo archives on your website.Where did you get a lot of the clothes that you wore while performing and touring in the '80s?

__DEBBI:__Some of the clothes were bought from vintage clothing stores,others were Betsey Johnson,but I think the majority were mall bought clothes.I wasn't going for the designer look then (can't you tell!!??).

__SUSANNA:__We scoured thrift stores,and also designed our own costumes.We were inspired by the mod Carnaby Street 威廉希尔备用网址fashions of the mid '60s.I got some amazing pieces from my mother and grandmothers that I wore a lot back in the '80s.

__STF: Did you coordinate your performing outfits then?__

VICKI:We don't intentionally coordinate,but I'll show up in something and look at Debbi and say,"Oh great—you're wearing fishnets tonight,too?"

STF: What do you think about the return of all of these 80s styles?

__VICKI:__I haven't seen the resurrection of some of the more hideous trends so far.In the meantime,I guess there's always a time and place for gold lame leggings.

STF: Is there anything that you wore then that you still wear now?Is there anything from that era that you'd never wear again?


SUSANNA: __I still wear minis and cardigans,but I think I'll steer away from shoulder pads.

DEBBI:I suppose I still do the mini skirt thing.

__VICKI:__I had a red-fringed "flapper" dress custom made for me in New York --it was stolen from our dressing room one night after a concert.I'd wear that again in a second.The white leather fringed skirt or gold satin vest?Probably not.Actually,the list of things I would never wear again is pretty extensive.

STF: How would you describe your musical evolution over the past 25 years?

__SUSANNA:__Like our 威廉希尔备用网址fashion sensibility,we've always drawn musical inspiration from the 1960's and 70's,so that has given our music continuity from the 80's to now.We still love jangly guitars,layers of vocal harmonies and melody.Our sound is kind of a collage of pop,folk,country,and rock.

STF: How would you describe your hairstyle evolution over the past 25 years?

__DEBBI:__It's definitely flatter and straighter!I'm not platinum blonde anymore.I'm going for more of a natural look now.


SUSANNA:__ My hair is naturally curly,and in the 80's,even though I experimented with different lengths,I generally wore it curly.Since then,I've learned how to use a blow dryer and flat iron.


STF: I'd imagine people have given you many bracelets and bangles as gifts over the years.True or untrue?

VICKI:I have received a fair share of them (as a matter of fact I was given one just yesterday) and I wear em with pride.

Christian Lacroix Paris 威廉希尔备用网址Fashion Week.Fall 2009 Collections.

Copyright Mark Leibowitz

A few of the Fall 2009 Lacroix styles.Look familiar?The Bangles (below) circa 1986.

UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1986: Photo of Bangles (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

In love with The Bangles?You can still find them performing.This fall they'll be in Florida and California.__ Oh,and I almost forgot to ask you: Are you as obsessed with The Bangles as we are?How about the big bracelet trend?Have you been rocking the look (on stage or off) these days?Check back tomorrow for another Truly Outrageous interview!__

Meanwhile,let's talk about a few more '80s trends,shall we?

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