Sure you do!Two new cast members were just added to the upcoming fourth season ofGlee,and they're ridiculously hot.Start your crushingnow.

Jacob Artist

MeetPuck's younger half-brother,Jake Puckerman,played by Jacob Artist (who you may have seen on Lifetime's remake ofBlue Lagoon: The Awakening).Didn't know Puck had a half-brother?Neither did I.Word on the street is that Jake,like Puck,is a bad boy who wants to sing.That's right--he'll be a new member of New Directions,but he'll have to keep his 'tude in check if he wants Mr.Schue on his side.

Dean Geyer

You might recognize Dean Geyer from the now defunctTerra Nova,but he'll be back this fall as a potential new love interest forLea Michele's Rachel Berry,now that she's in college (NYADA,woohoo!).And get this,girls--he has killer green eyes,looks like he could be a part of theHemsworthfamily,and has an accent (he's from South Africa).Yes,please.

What do you think about this casting?Will you be watching the fourth season ofGlee?

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