You've heard it before and you'll hear it again: "I don't remember saying yes!" That's because the moment you get engaged is so surreal,it's nearly impossible to be practical.Emphasis on nearly.Here's what you can do to remember the whole thing forever.

young man giving a young woman an engagement ring

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Mentally prepare for your engagement before it happens.

I only took a couple of psychology courses in college,but I know this much: If you prep yourself for something,you'll better be able to handle it when it comes true.So really play through the scenario in your head.Envision him down on one knee,hear his voice asking you to marry him,then let the feelings flow.(It's totally OK if you tear up during this practice session!) Since you know how you'll respond,you'll have less work to do to get control of yourself when it actually happens.And that seems like it would make your memory clearer.

Make some requests of your boyfriend beforehand.

Warning: You can only say these things if you're 100% sure your guy is going to propose.If your man is a notorious mumbler (Paul is!),it's OK to remind him to utter the very sweet words he'll someday say slowly,clearly,and loudly.Through some miracle,I was able to make out everything Paul said,but if I couldn't I would've wished I'd had that talk with him instead of asking him,"Could you please repeat that?" during the proposal.

Decide who you're going to tell first.

Before he pops the question,maybe even before he buys a ring,choose who's going to get that first call and how soon after the actual marriage proposal you'll get in touch.I know some ladies (who shall remain anonymous) who were so concerned with how they'd spread their happy news that they weren't totally paying attention while their guy was talking!

Write everything down ASAP after it happens.

Dream analysts always tell you to jot down notes right when you wake up so you can look into your dream meanings later…and not after you've forgotten all the details that were once so vivid.Follow this same advice for your marriage proposal.No,you don't need to skip the celebratory hugs and kisses (and maybe even one glass of champagne),but it's smart to put it all on paper while it's fresh in your head.

How will you make sure you remember your proposal?Do you mind if it's a bit of a blur?Or would you want to be able to replay every word and facial expression in your head for years to come?