Older people are wiser because they have so much experience,so I always treasured the advice I got from my grandparents.My great-aunt Kate also gave me fantastic advice about men that I always thought about when I was meeting someone new....

This couple looked so cute when I was searching for "grandparents" photos,I couldn't resist not posting it!

When I was growing up,she would always say this Yiddish phrase to me: "Gae nit mitt a gezundin cop in a chranken bed." I'll admit I have no clue if this this the correct way to spell it out,but this is how it sounds in Yiddish!It means "Go not with a healthy head into a sick bed," aka "If you think a guy has issues,run far away because he'll just bring you down with him." I always though about those words when I was dating—I trusted her advice because she's been through so much.

So,what advice did someone who is "older and wiser" in your life give to you that you never forgot?Did you take it?And are you close with your grandparents?

P.S.How beautiful are Joanna's grandparents' wedding photos?

Were your parents or grandparents romantic?And do you talk to your grandparents about dating?

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