I went to a big family brunch yesterday at my cousin and his fiancee's place.Now that I live in my hometown,I am seeing my cousin's in-laws more often.I don't know exactly when we all became one big family,but it looks like it's done and we're all here to stay.

I wonder,from the other side of things,is it a big deal to introduce your guy to extended family members?Or are they less important,and once he has met Mom and Dad,the rest is like,whatever.Or does it meanmorewhen you acquaint him with your obscure relatives,like your great-grandma and your aunt's lifelong neighbor?At what point do you mix him in with the satellite members?

When do you introduce the extended family?Do you wait until a family vacation,visit,wedding,or birthday party?Which came first,the primary event,or the wanting-to-introduce?Do you have any holiday parties coming up that are bringing about a first-time introduction?Do you feel an urge to introduce,or do you dread it?

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