My girlfriend asked me this question the other day,and it made me smile.So,I thought I'd ask all of you: Who are "the men" in your life?

I took this photo of my dad,brother and Drew last Thanksgiving when they were hanging out in my brother's room looking at his new computer.I love how they're all sprawled out in the same position.

When my friend asked me this question,I thought it was kind of bizarre at first.But when I answered her,I had so much fun going into detail about each person.I immediately listed off my dad,my brother and Drew.They are the three men I go to for advice all the time,and I know they will always be there for me.Then I was thinking about how all of my girlfriends would have such different answers.My one friend just had an adorable baby boy—that's one of her "men." And my other girlfriend is one of five kids—and she's the only girl.

__So,now I'm asking you: Who are "the men" in your life?Are you very close with yourdadandsiblings?__

P.S.What do you call your parents?What are your family nicknames?And do you and your siblings look alike?

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