Who doesn't love a good literary romance?ErinandIsure do.But sometimes I wonder if these fictionalized love affairs do more harm than good.Maybe my chronic singledom is a symptom of unreasonable expectations stoked by tall tales of impossible love.Maybe I should give up on thisspark nonsenseand settle for someone who'salmostperfect.Or maybe I should just make a list of my favorite real-life romances:

John and Abigail Adams:He may have been our second president,but John Adams wastheFounding Father of Luv.He began courting Abigail when she was just seventeen,and they married soon after.The original power couple exchanged more than 1,100 letters over the course of their long marriage,and John did not hesitate to seek Abigail's advice on the most momentous issues facing the fledgling nation.

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F.Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald:These two didn't have a storybook relationship,unless it was a story written by Fitzgerald himself.Zelda only agreed to marry him after he sold his first manuscript.They were both drunks.According to Ernest Hemingway,Zelda teased Francis because his Gatsby wasn't so great,if you know what I mean.And Zelda ended up dying from wounds she sustained when the sanatorium she was staying at caught on fire.But they loved each other desperately and explored the world together,with stops in Paris,New York and all points in between.Some people just weren't cut out for stable relationships.


Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward:If I was as charming and handsome as Paul Newman,there isn't a woman in the world who could tie me down,not even the ethereally lovely Joanne Woodward.But I guess that's why I'm a lowly dating blogger and Paul Newman is Paul Newman.(And how amazing is that photograph?That's what love looks like,kids.)

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Barack and Michelle Obama:You can take issue with their taxpayer-funded romantic getaway to NYC,but no matter where you stand politically it's hard to deny that Mr.and Mrs.President are proving to the world that marrieds can still be glamorous.

Do you have a favorite real-life romance?Did I leave out any tabloid couples who actually have it together?What's the secret to maintaining a relationship when you're in the spotlight?

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