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David Lauren,son of Ralph Lauren,and Lauren Bush (威廉希尔备用网址fashion model and niece of George W.Bush) became engaged on Friday night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Everyone'saflutterabout whether the bride-to-be will change her name to Lauren Lauren.

I have a better idea.People often forget that the groom's dad,Ralph Lauren,was born Ralph Lifshitz.Maybe they could go back to that name?"Lauren Lifshitz" is still alliterative and fun to say.

Would you ever not get serious with someone because of his name?A good friend of mine married a guy whose last name is the same as her first.When they first met,he said to her at the end of the night,"How do you spell your name again?" She said,"It's okay if you don't remember my name." And he said,"No,I ask because your first name is the same as my last." From then on,her friends called her by the double name.So by the time they got married,she was so used to it,she just went with it!

Just goes to show…you shouldn't let a moniker stop you from giving a guy a chance!Could be true love!

Would you ever pass on a great guy because of his name?What's the worst and best last names you've heard (for you)?And,now with David & Lauren getting married,we have two major dynasties merging—could this 2011 wedding be America's answer to the nuptials of Kate Middleton and Prince William?

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