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Glamour's Top 10 College Women 2012: What Do Google,Kim Cattrall,and Belgian Waffles Have in Common?

You know all about Glamour's Top 10 College Women from reading about their mind-blowing accomplishments and the panel we held in their honor,but did you know we also spent two days pampering them in New York?Here's the exclusive scoop on their New York City trip.(Prepare yourself—you're about to be jealous!)

You know all aboutGlamour's Top 10 College Womenfrom reading about their mind-blowing accomplishments and thepanelwe held in their honor,but did you know we also spent two days pampering them in New York?Here's the exclusive scoop on their New York City trip.(Prepare yourself—you're about to be jealous!)

Each year,we bring 10 of the country's most impressive college students together to receive this honor.My job atGlamouris to comb through thousands of applications (this year,we had more than 1,400!) to find the ones who are doing BIG things,and then bring them here to New York to receive their award…and let me tell you,our 2012 winners are doing some kickass things to change our world.(You can learn all about themhere!)

We kicked off their New York City trip with breakfast at Norma's,which I only mention because it gives me this opportunity to share some food porn with you:

That's a Belgian waffle smothered in fruit,with Brioche French Toast in the background.Anyone else getting hungry?

Doesn't that look amazing?After cramming as much food as possible,we headed to Rockefeller Center to do a bit of the tourist thing.The girls not only learned about the controversial art decorating much of the plaza,but they also went to the Top of the Rock for the best view of the city.Here we are at the tip-top…

See the Empire State Building in the background?

…where I also discovered that our Top 10 ladies have some amazing heels!

Let's add some shoe porn,too.

For lunch,the girls met with seriously influential women in the City,including Azure Antoinette,commissioned poet for Maria Shriver;Eleni Gianopulos,founder ofEleni's Cookies;Nikki James,Tony award-winning actress;Dylan Lauren,owner ofDylan's Candy Bar;Nancy Lublin,CEO ofDoSomethingand founder ofDress for Success;and Abby Pesta,the editorial director forWomen in the WorldatNewsweekand the Daily Beast.

Yes,that's the remnants of lunch on the table.I have awful framing skills!

After lunch,the girls had their hair and makeup done byL'Oreal Parisartists to prep for their big night at the awards ceremony and panel—the results are pretty spectacular,right?

The winners at their reception with Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive

Finally,they capped off the night with an intimate dinner at Rayuela with a fewGlamoureditors andEditor-in-Chief Cindi Leive.Check out her dress;all the winners wanted it!

Top 10 winner Déa Julien with Cindi

The next day,we got the winners into one of the most exclusive places in town:Google!There were scooters,ping-pong tables,and secret library rooms,believe it or not.Then,they met with a roundtable of female execs,who gave them great career tips.Our favorite?Write down exactly what you do every day,and see where you "lose" the most time — that's the area you'll most likely enjoy a career.

The winners with Desmonique Bonet,Stephanie Hofmann,Jordan Newman,Maureen Hummel,Nina Temple-Weed and Kristen Wlazelek of Google.

After a brief stop in Chelsea Market,we jumped in the van for a ride to the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women,a school for girls in Brooklyn.The winners sat down with girls from theGirls,Incafterschool program for a quick mentoring session—and fell in love!

Who rule the world?You know the answer to this one.


We wrapped up their trip with the Broadway show“乞丐与荡妇”--where we spotted Kim Cattrall!(We don't have photographic evidence,so you'll just have to trust us.)

At the end of the night,ten very-sleepy winners,one exhausted editor,and one overworked intern all made it back to the hotel—where,of course,I had to get the autographs of all these soon-to-be-famous women.Remember their names,because they'll be running the world soon!

Got what it takes to be a Glamour Top 10 College Woman in 2013,或知道的人吗?The application goes live on April 15,2012 — find ithere(you can bookmark it now,too)!ED NOTE: Yes,Christen isalreadystarting her 2013 search!

P.S.Did you catch Photo Editor Brian Marcus's post yesterday?[He shared his personal Instagram snaps from his Top 10 College Women photo shoot!


Photos: Christen Brandt