L.A is not really a city of cold weather,so that's why a trench coat can get the job done in winter.I don't normally like to wear big,bulkyjackets,so when I came across this cool,bold orange trench over the weekend,I knew it was going to be a staple piece.I do have to admit,the color is a little out of my comfort zone,but I love to try new things!Plus,it's light,bright and wason sale!

For me,I feel likeorangemight be the new khaki.I know it's not a neutral color,but switching things from a traditional khaki trench to this bright orange can be quite fun for my wardrobe and me!Plus,it's the perfect color for spring.I can totally picture this with a floral dress,platforms and sheer socks.


Now that I'm thinking about it,a fuchsialipcolor would be amazing with this trench,too (for spring,of course).I'm all about thosebold colorsworn together for spring!

Would you dare to wear a traditional item in a completely different color,like this orange trench?Tell me!

Trench: H&M,Jeans: Lucky Brand,Plaid shirt: Thrifted,Bag: All Saints,Shoes: Opening Ceremony

Photos: Temoc Gonzalez,asubtleapproach.com